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Free surveys undertaken throughout Southern Spain. Elsewhere travel costs may apply.

 Radon surveys by Qualified Technician

Tracing for radon gas in a property is a complexed matter.  Radon is invisible, it has no smell and leaves no marks.  further more, the environment within a property can easily effect radon registration on the test results if the testing equipment is not correct, or incorrectly placed.

I do not prescribe to the method of cheap detector test kits that are posted to the client for them to place within the property. 

To undertake the survey correctly, a clear understanding for your property, its built layout, location and condition are very important for the placing of the test meters.  The internal environment needs to be checked, as elements such as humidity, pollution and airborne gasses can easily effect the results.

All our surveys are undertaken physically with professional meters and not remotely, commencing with a full indoor air quality check.  Further more, when radon is detected, the correct specifications can be drawn up for the eradication.  Radon is a very serious problem and requires correct and professional diagnosis.

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